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"A Classic Church
for a Contemporary World"
Beloved Friends,

We at The First Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach invite you to join us for Sunday worship services.  We welcome members, visitors, friends, and loved ones for in person worship services in our sanctuary.

Recognizing the continuing challenges of Covid-19, we ask all to be mindful of safety and social distancing recommendations from our government leaders and scientific community.  Seating in the sanctuary is restricted to facilitate the distancing between those in attendance.

The danger of the virus increases dramatically for those over 50 years of age and increases even more the older one becomes.  So we urge the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions to not attend physically, but to join us on the radio, or on Zoom. (See our home page.)

In addition to a smaller congregation, please note the following ways in which you will be asked to do things decently and in good order:

·       YOU MUST BE MASKED. Session has mandated that all who enter the sanctuary must be masked the entire time.  We would appreciate you bringing your own masks, but we will have a limited number of adult size masks available.

·       Every other row will be closed off to aid social distancing.  Family units may sit together.  If you come alone, you are invited to sit at least 6’ apart.  10’ would be better.  If you want to sit close with a special friend, please confirm ahead of time that your friend feels the same. No one should be forced by guilt feelings to allow special privilege.

·       Remember that our worship service is being carried live over ZOOM.  That means that by attending you give permission to broadcast your image should the camera pan in your direction.

·       Material for worship will be available for pick-up on a table as you enter. Lyrics for all hymns and songs will be printed in the bulletins.  All hymnbooks and Bibles have been removed from the sanctuary.

·       Please use the hand sanitizer available to you at the entrances.

·       At the end of worship we invite you to remain and enjoy the serene spirit of the sanctuary.  Or, if you prefer to depart immediately, please be careful to maintain appropriate distance from others, especially if they are elderly.  In the same manner we invite you to not congregate at or near the entrances.  

·       Unless reservations are made beforehand, there will be no nursery or childcare.  There is no Sunday school or after-worship fellowship at this time.

In the love of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Carl B. (Jake) Marshall
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church Daytona Beach

Sunday worship service begins at 10:30 a.m.

Entrance to the sanctuary is from Revilo Blvd.,
on the south side of the church.

Parking is available in the church parking lot at the
southwest corner of Grandview Ave. and Revilo Blvd. intersection.

Entrance to the parking lot is from Grandview Ave.

The sanctuary is equipped with Hearing Loop technology for the hearing impaired.

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